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Wall and Furniture Stencils and Decorations

  • Cooledge House

    Isaac Cooledge House, Cooledge Road, Hillsborough. Stencil on lower wall.

  • Joshua Eaton House

    Joshua Eaton House, Bradford, NH. Wall Painting. Waring, p. 64.

  • Pierce Homestead

    Franklin Pierce Homestead, Hillsborough. Wall stencil. Waring p. 56.

  • Bucanon House

    Bucanon House, Antrim, NH. Wall stencil

  • PIerce House Antrim

    Louise Pierce House, Antrim, NH. Stencil on Plank Wall. Waring, p. 60.

  • Chair

    Louise Pierce Chair. Waring, p. 154. Furniture, especially chairs, were popular objects for decoration.

  • Otis House

    Otis House, Hancock, NH. Wall Stencil.

  • Peter Farnum House

    Peter Farnum House, Francestown, NH. Wall stencil.

  • Freeze House

    Freeze House, Deerfield, NH. Wall stencil. Waring, see also p. 66.

  • Sign

    Sign. "Wm. Fred. White. The stencil artists often applied their skill to signs for their tavern and inn customers.