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Fashions of the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

  • Minnie Holmes

    Minnie Holmes, Antrim North Branch.

  • Lady

    Can you identify for us?

  • Group of 4

    Members/friends Brockway family? Can you identify for us?

  • Annie Rutledge

    Annie Rutledge.

  • Mattie Blood

    Mattie Blood.

  • Alice Gilchrist

    Alice Gilchrist.

  • Alice Gilchrist

    Alice Gilchrist.

  • Katherine Gilmore

    Catherine Gilmore.

  • Ethel Manahan

    Ethel (Brockway) Manahan at the time of her marriage to William Manahan. 1902.

  • Alice Jackman

    Alice Jackman.

  • Mrs J Barnes

    Mrs. J. Barnes.

  • Maude Ellinwood

    Maude Ellinwood.

  • Susie Pierce

    Susie Pierce. Grand-niece of President Pierce.